About Us

It is my  intention as a certified massage therapist  to develop a personalized treatment plan for your individual needs to promote relaxation, rejuvenation & consistent healing that carries into your daily life for optimal health. I’ve worked with a vast array of clients in some of the most luxurious spas including The Four Seasons/ Equinox Sports Club in San Francisco, CA and Skin Soup in Lafayette, CA.  I’m passionate about creating a meditative, tension relieving massage experience where my clients can truly relax and restore whilst tapping into their best selves. I look forward to sharing my love of bodywork, health, wellness and personal growth through the mind body connection here at FLEUR DE LIS MASSAGE & BODYWORK.

Fleur De Lis Massage & Bodywork came to be in early 2022 out of my desire to create an intimate spa- like massage therapy practice that specializes in a highly personalized massage experience and self care plan. One that offers respite from one’s busy life and everyday stressors.  Our cozy, beautiful treatment space is here for our clients to simply relax, restore and retreat if not momentarily… As we all know the past two years have been challenging for many including such ailments as heightened anxiety, chronic pain, depression, overwhelm, tension, weight gain and compromised immunity.  These collective health challenges have led me to open my own massage therapy practice wherein I can offer highly personalized treatment plans and support clients on their personal journey to optimal health and wellness. I want to see you FLOURISH!

 It’s time to nurture yourself, take time out of your daily tasks and stresses to focus on yourself.  Relax and rejuvenate in a sanctuary of peace and wellness.  My personalized massage is designed to maximize serenity and well-being.  There are many reasons to seek a massage treatment.  It may be that you are tight; tense muscles are the result of days spent hard at work sitting in front of a computer.  Or you recently did an intense workout or pilates class.  Whether it’s a sports injury or a need to escape and de-stress Fleur De Lis’ personalized massage treatments provide welcome relief.  While you unwind on our deluxe massage table massage has a variety of benefits that span from improving mental health to relieving physical tension and pain.  Massage can improve; feelings of anxiety, headaches caused by tension, stress-related insomnia, discomfort caused by pregnancy, relieve sports injuries and soft tissue strains, boost immunity and improve flexibility. 

Kristin Shoemaker, CMT